The Health Department has made changes in the process to speed up the process of slow moving vaccination. Under this, any registered health worker can get the Corona vaccine by visiting any center in the district. For this, they do not need to wait for the message to arrive or their number.

According to information received from health department officials, 100 people are sent a message on mobile a day before for vaccination. In this, many people are unable to reach due to other reasons including number closure, getting sick. Some people are waiting for their innings to come. In the midst of all this, the corona vaccination is not happening 100 percent. The process has been relaxed to meet the target from the Health Department. In this, the health worker of the district can get vaccinated at a corona vaccination center. For this, he no longer needs to wait for his time. According to the information received from the district health department, the names of health workers of many private hospitals are still getting registered for the corona vaccination. In this, 232 people have been sent by MMI Hospital. There are some other private hospitals, which are sending the names of their workers.