Health Minister TS Singhdev has given a big gift to 457 women working for cleanliness in Ambikapur city. A big announcement has been made to increase the honorarium of one thousand women. Before leaving for the capital Raipur this morning, women officials and members of the Ambikapur Swachh Mission Federation met with the in-charge of Mayor-in-Council, Shailendra Soni Shailu, a member of the Mayor in Council.
As the women apprised the SLRM center of the problems and requested to increase the honorarium, the Health Minister immediately called the Mayor Dr. Ajay Tirkey M, Labor Welfare Board Chairman and Public Works Department in-charge Safi Ahmed. Instructions have been given to make immediate arrangements to increase the honorarium of women by one thousand each. Following the instructions of the Health Minister, there is great enthusiasm among women. Currently these women get 6000 honorarium. Women themselves earn this honorarium.

They get honorarium from the amount received from door-to-door user charge, along with the sale of dry garbage which is found in the form of junk from door to door garbage collection and the sale made by manure from wet waste. Health Minister TS Singh Dev has said that this honorarium is yours. All of you ladies work hard and increase the recovery of user charge. Sales of solid waste and wet waste increase the income from its processing. The more work you do, the more your honorarium will increase.

You have the right over the income from waste management. You women have a hand in making Ambikapur city a record in cleanliness. Therefore, the harder you work, the more income you earn. The Health Minister has also assured to provide all facilities for women in the SLRM Center. A few days ago the Health Minister had asked MIC member Sanitation incharge Shailu Soni to visit the SLRM centers every day.