Headache, bodyache symptoms of Omicron

By Express News Service

BENGALURU: While the United Kingdom is reporting brain fog, which patients describe as “difficulty with attention, focus, just not feeling right” as one of the common Covid-19 symptoms for the Omicron variant, doctors in Karnataka feel there are very few cases coming in with brain fog or any other symptom of long Covid, as far as Omicron is concerned.

“We are not really sure about long Covid symptoms, involving the Omicron variant. We had several cases of assistant headaches, bodyache etc during the second wave. Since we are still in the beginning of the third wave, and have few patients who are still recovering, there has been no categorical observation regarding this,” said Dr Ravindra Mehta, pulmonologist, Apollo Hospitals.

However, Dr Vishal Rao, head and neck surgeon, HCG Hospitals, and also member of the Covid-19 Task Force, says brain fog or temporary memory loss is seen due to direct effects of Covid itself on the brain, like hypoxia or indirect effects owing to fatigue, sleep disturbance, irritable bowel etc.

However, headache has been a common symptom with many patients testing positive with Omicron. Dr Vivek Anand Padegal, Director, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospitals, says, “Though we have not seen brain fog cases yet as it’s a little early, we have observed more headaches and dizziness than before.” Dr Angelique Coetzee, Chairperson, South African Medical Association, told TNIE that even after recovering completely in mild and moderate cases, so far long Covid effects have not been seen in any patients.

“However, we have seen headache as the main symptom of Covid-19 in this Omicron wave. Several people have also complained of brain fog, besides including fatigue and bodyache,” she said.Meanwhile, Dr Brunda MS, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital, also said that there have been patients who have recovered from acute Covid infection in the earlier waves, have reported hair fall and headache.