The central government is constantly being targeted by the media and the opposition for the ongoing work on the Central Vista project amidst the rapid spread of Corona. The Congress party is attacking the government saying that the money from this project could have helped in tackling the country’s emergency situation, but the government is worried about this. Regarding this, Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has targeted the Congress party in the Central Vista project case. Puri tweeted in a tweet, “The Congress party’s objection to the Central Vista project is strange. The cost of the Central Vista project has been around 20 thousand crores for many years. The Government of India has allocated almost twice the amount for vaccination. The country’s only healthcare budget is Rs 3 lakh crore this year. We understand our priorities.

‘Hardeep Puri has targeted the Congress by tweeting something else in the Central Vista case. In a tweet, he said that Congress has a double attitude. At the time of the Congress-led UPA government, it was the Congress Party that suggested the need for a new Parliament. Speer also wrote a letter to the Ministry of Urban Development in this regard in the year 2012.