About two thousand people visit India only for Ved study and research in a year. There are many countries of the world who want to establish Gurukul in the core of Indian education system, but can not do this due to lack of Acharya. The delegation from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand who came to join the International Gurukul Conference held in Ujjain has said that Gurukul can be opened all over the world if the Indian government gives a little help.
The Guru-disciple tradition of India, with a history of years, was world famous. After 600 years of Mughals and 200 years of slavery in the British, the Sanatan tradition and the unbroken India could not get foreign invasions. When the British came to know that Sanatan India can not be settled till the Gurukul Teaching tradition in India, then they hanker the root of India by making a name called Makale. Till the uninterrupted relationship of the Guru-disciple, by eliminating the Gurukul tradition, he struck the backbone of India. That was what the British wanted. India split into pieces Today the citizens of India who are experiencing intellectual bankruptcy, it is the responsibility of the British.
Until India returns to its Gurukul tradition, the concept of unbroken India can not be realized. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has started working in this direction. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that the state government will soon start registering Gurukul. On the occasion of the inauguration of the three-day “International Virat Gurukul Sammelan” organized in Ujjain, he said, “Gurukuls will be registered in the state and they will be treated as same as mainstream schools. Every district of the state will promote the Gurukul system and the new The government will help in opening Gurukul. ”
Registration will start from
There is a long discussion on how Gurukul should be run in the Virat Gurukul Conference that lasted for three days in Ujjain and how it can be promoted. Organization of the Indian Board of Education Mukul Kanitkar said, “Firstly the Gurukuls will be registered. Talks are going on for many state governments. “He said that in Gurukul, students are taught more than the national curriculum framework and if the test of the learning outcome is taken then the Gurukul students will be ahead of other students of other schools and colleges.
This will prove to be an appropriate step to improve the country’s impaired mindset. This decision of the Government of Madhya Pradesh has the ability to change the condition and direction of the country. Kendra’s Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat also participated in the function. Nearly 900 Gurukul of India and Nepal are participating in this program with the aim of getting connected in mainstream.
Human Resource Development Minister Javadekar said that the HRD Ministry is working towards creating a new draft of education policy, which will be ready in the next three months. He says that the central government is hoping to revive the system ‘Vedic education’ because only Vedic education can turn the present generation of students into eligible patriots for the country. Now the secular intellectuals will get a crackdown. Their lies shop which had been running for so many years will be closed. Their desire to divide India into pieces will fail. India will have to become a world guru once again by returning to her eternal Vedic tradition. And Gurukul education system has the capacity to make India a world teacher.
Foreign delegation shared comparative things of the Indian Gurukul tradition and the exotic Gurukul tradition. Said that Indian education system has been world-renowned due to the Gurukulas from time immemorial. India has no interest in teaching Vedas, Swavalamban and discipline. The Vedic tradition and education here is wonderful. If the Indian government gives us a little bit of cooperation, then the great Yoganukul Gurukul will also open in his country. If this happens, then their children will be able to develop their allotment by acquiring knowledge of 16 Vidyasens in their own country.
In what country is Gurukul’s condition
Nepal: All Gurukul Free
Nepal has 85 delegations from Nepal. Among them, Sushil Chandra Officer, Chairman of Samarmatha Pragnapit, points out that there are approximately 200 Gurukuls in academic and non-academic in Nepal. All go free There the acharyo gets salaries from the government. We expect the Indian government to cooperate with us for teaching crafts and architecture.
Bhutan: There is no shortage of Acharyo, Gurukul is also counted
Seven-member delegation has come from Bhutan. Member Udaynarayan Bhatrai said that we are inspired by the Gurukul education system of India. There is a shortage of Vedacharya in Bhutan. That is why Gurukul is also only four to six. They are also just getting ready to get elementary education. Our people come to India to study Vedic texts. Our Gurukul open here is also expected to support the Government of India.
Myanmar: After the completion of education, propaganda of religion
Six people have been delisted from Myanmar. Among them, Dr. Vishnuvallabhanand, the director of Rameshwar Sanskrit College, 50 years old, said that in Myanmar, teaching of Sanskrit, Ved, Ved Grammar, Vedanta, Jyothishad, Sankhya Darshan, Yoga etc. are done. After leaving Gurkul, students preach religion. Many have settled in Bangkok or India.
Thailand: No Gurukul, two months camp is given by the education of Vedic texts Five from Thailand