Gujarat's Tapi district bans poultry products from Navapur in Maharashtra

TAPI: Gujarat’s Tapi district has banned transportation of poultry products from Navapur taluka of Nandurbar in Maharashtra for two months as a precaution following cases of avian influenza in parts of the district in the neighbouring state, officials said an Tuesday.

The Navapur taluka of Nandurbar, where bird flu cases had been reported, shares its border with Uchchhal taluka of Tapi in Gujarat.

Tapi Collector R J Halani issued a notification on Monday evening, banning the transportation of eggs, chicken and poultry farm products to and from the border adjoining Navapur for two months.

The revenue area within 10-km radius of the affected poultry farms in Navapur has been declared as a surveillance zone, Tapi district veterinaryofficer Pankaj Fuletra said.

Recently, tests of samples of dead chicken from four poultry farms in Navapur taluka of Nandurbar came out positive for the avian influenza virus, the notification said.

“There is a possibility of spread of the avian influenza to other birds,” said the collector’s notification, while banning the movement of poultry products to and from the surveillance zone along the stateborder.