Guidelines / Guidelines / Advisory have been issued from time to time by the Government of India, State Government and District Administration for control and prevention of infection of Novel Corona virus. Collector and District Magistrate Shri Shiv Anant Tayal has issued an order that at present the number of Corona positive cases is increasing continuously in the district, for which all related measures are necessary and necessary to be implemented for prevention and control. Keeping in view the organization of ‘Chhath Puja’, the Mahaparva of Lok Aastha, instructions are broadcast as follows: -Mahaparva “Chhath Puja” of Lok Aastha, instead of concluding worship at rivers / ponds / sites, at their own homes. It is advisable to give the purchase. On the Chhat Ghats, a separate arrangement for the arrival and departure of physical distancing by a person organizer or committee will be made with barricading with bamboo ball. If a person gets infected due to visiting Chhat Ghat / venue then the entire cost of treatment will be borne by the person or committee concerned. No person shall go without a mask to the person or committee carrying “Dura” in the head at the Chhat Ghat / venue. If found so, legal action will be taken against the person concerned and the organizing committee. Person carrying “Daura” in the head at the Chhath Ghat / venue or the person responsible for not entering the Chhath Ghat, if the committee has found fever in sanitizer, thermal screening or any common or special symptoms related to corona / Committee. It will be mandatory to keep a distance of 02 meters between “Dura” to be installed at the venue. Chairs will not be installed for people to sit on the tent / pandal at Chhat Ghat / venue. At Chhath Puja sites only a maximum of 02 persons from worshipers and one family will be able to join. To perform Chhath Puja, water will be allowed to enter the river or pond below the waist, do not be drowned in water during the period. There will be complete ban on mass procession to go to celebrate Chhath festival.