Bhilai municipal corporations, flying squad team has been big action-mongering disposal, glass, expired food and beverage and dirt on the instructions of the Commissioner. Which zone 02 smoke that Phunchane damage under environmental Vaishali Nagar was great abundance spread of proceedings having disorganized the front vehicle installations, license not against having establishments were charged a total of 13 thousand rupees fines today.Flying squad team took action against those who spread filth hotel, restaurant, road barrier, shopper, licenses having businessmen illegally from that practice, banned plastic / disposal, Karrybag. Do not move the Solid Waste Management and Environmental Protection Amendment Act 2019 today 18 establishments have been imposed fines of almost 13 thousand as well as he warned went for the second time this way under.  Municipal Corporation team flying squad directed by Bhilai Commissioner S 0 0 Sundarani resolution Gipt under this zone 02 Vaishali Nagar, Om Sai Plastics, Mansi Medical, Chandrakar fabric store, Kakn jewelers, feeling electronic, pride Gipt, Rajesh hardware, Gupta Delinids and Krishna Kumar mess of a hotel and Dewangan grocery stores expiry date of food and beverages on sale Went proceedings prohibited drug sales and went proceedings Vinishtikrn by postmortem.  18 businessmen by flying squad in action license, expired food and beverages, banned plastic Karrybag Jbtkr criminal charges and fines were taken. Mr. Sundarani that appealed to businessmen who give are not randomly assigned to the vehicle in front of his shop, which does not face the problem of people who come on the road and commercial license sales of the hold and expired food and beverage at your store Do not.Attached photo Public Relations Officer