With the initiative of Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria, organic manure produced in plantations will be used in the gardens of all the urban bodies of the state. This initiative will bring greenery in about 506 gardens under the urban body. People will get pure oxygen and will also save money spent in chemical fertilizers. With the encouragement of organic manure production through Gothan, women of self-help groups will get more income with employment and environmental protection along with cow protection.
This unique initiative of Urban Administration Minister Dr. Dahria will change the greenery and greenery of urban areas. There are a total of 166 bodies in the state under urban administration. There are a total of 506 gardens in the Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Nagar Panchayats. In addition to greenery, beautification plants of the city, fruitful trees are also installed in these gardens. The residents also get pure air from these gardens. Apart from Chahal-Kadami, this garden is also important for the people from the point of view of entertainment. Minister Dr. Dahria has given instructions to promote the use of fertilizers being made in Gothan under the bodies in all these parks of the state. He has said that a new door to economic prosperity has been opened by Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel with reviving rural culture through Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa and Bari. Accordingly, 377 gothanas have been approved in all the bodies of the state. Vermi compost, cow-wood, kande etc. are being made from cow dung through Gothan and Gobar procurement center. Self-help groups have been formed by adding local women in most of the Gothans. Women associated with these self-help groups are manufacturing cow dung and other products in Gothan. With the use of manure of plantations in the gardens, the women engaged in manure making will be encouraged and their income will also increase. Bodies that used to buy chemical or other fertilizers for plants in gardens from outside will also get organic manure from nearby plantations. The special thing is that the use of chemical fertilizers, which used to be a threat to the environment, will also go away. It is worth mentioning that the Urban Administration Minister Dr. Dahria has already given instructions to use cow-wood and cow-dung made from cow dung in the bonfire that is being burnt in the urban body areas in the cold days, as well as in the civic area It is said to use cow-wood in cremation too. This new initiative of Minister Dr. Dahria is bound to promote greenery, pure oxygen to people, environmental protection along with savings in the state.