In Chhattisgarh, now people above 18 years of age will not have to fight for registration in the center for vaccination. The Chief Minister is launching the CG Teeka App at 5 pm today. After this people will get relief from the inconvenience caused. Based on the availability of the vaccine of this app, people will also get a token sitting at home.

Minister TS Singhdev said that people can download and register this app with Android phones. They will not have to wait in the morning to get vaccinated by putting them in line. This app will be launched this evening by the hands of Chief Minister Baghel. There will be both offline and online arrangements for registration.

Opposition did not take positive initiative
Regarding the vaccine, Minister Singhdev said that the state government can only bring what is available in the market. The party which belongs to the central government is our opposition partner of the same party, they did not take any positive initiative on their behalf, the opposition is playing more of a negative role.

People arrived at the hospital on time
To reduce the death rate, the Health Minister said that the only way to reduce the death rate is that people reach the hospital in time.

Misleading publicity on social media on black fungus
The minister has also responded to the black fungus. He said that this is not a new disease. People made misleading propaganda on social media. We discussed with the experts. Everyone said that black fungus is caused by an overdose of steroid. People should not take medicine without doctor’s advice.

Let us know that since last week, there is a crowd of youth in the center for daily vaccinations. Registration starts at 8 am. But people are standing in line since 5 o’clock. At the same time, the line is so long that it reaches the road. At the same time, people cannot even get a vaccine due to the target. Due to not being vaccinated even after being in line, people have to return disappointed.