New Delhi: Because of the corona virus, not only the office but also the schools are running from home. Meaning children are studying at home with the help of online classes. In such a situation, many of Google’s apps are proving helpful in this. At the same time, Google has launched a new initiative called ‘The Anywhere School’ to make children’s education more convenient. In this, users will get one or two, not 50 new features. Users can avail them on Meet, Classroom, G Suite and other platforms of Google. 

Giving information through his blog, Google said that ‘over the last several months in the world, the education community has never missed its commitment to learn and support students. But Google has worked on tools that lighten the load of teachers, school leaders, families, and especially students who want to learn many new things at home as well as learning. ‘

‘Today, educators around the world have strengthened their practice online, we are bringing our tools to meet the growing needs of their new educational landscape. This year, children and teachers can get school experience anywhere, anytime. We are bringing this feature of Google to more than 250 countries around the world. ‘

The company also said in its statement that Google will also release new controls so that users can always choose to join first, last meetings for all participants, disable in-meeting chat, and more. In October, Google will launch a custom in Meet to provide some extra privacy. 

With the help of ‘The Anywhere School’ service launched by Google, children will not have to bear the burden of education. Soon the company will also introduce breakout room and attendant tracking. Google’s new initiative has also introduced 50 new features to facilitate users. Which makes the Meet, Classroom, G Suite etc. platforms more secure and safe than before. In this, teachers can share links for classes to children. Which will make it easier for children to attend class.  

Apart from this, the classroom will be available in a total of 54 languages ​​with 10 additional languages. At the same time, Google has introduced a new product for non-classroom users called Assignments, an application for Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers to distribute, analyze and grade student work. Gives a fast, simple way.