Google is said to be working on integrating its Gmail for G suite with Chat, Meet and Rooms for its enterprise users.

In the planned interface, G Suite users can join a video call from a chat window, forward a chat message to their inbox, and create a task from a chat message, all this while staying under the same tab.

“We’re integrating core tools like video, chat, email, files, and tasks, and making them better together, so that you can more easily stay on top of things, from anywhere,” Javier Soltero, VP & GM, G Suite said in a statement.

The idea of bringing all of G Suite’s communication tools under one tab is said to boost real-time collaboration. Users will be able to co-edit documents with their team on one side of the window, while video chatting on the other side using Gmail’s chat feature. They do not have to switch between tabs while working.

Google is also merging its chat with the mail feature under Gmail. That means, at a click of button within Gmail, users can switch between chats and emails. This also allows them to search within chats, like how they do in emails.

Users can create Chat rooms to include people even outside the company, in the case of work involving external consultants or contractors, making the collaboration easier.

Google’s new workspace is said to ease access to third-party apps, including Salesforce, Trello and DocuSign. Users can receive updates and reply within any kind of conversation across Gmail, Chats and rooms.

Google says it has tested the new interface at Colgate-Palmolive and ATB Financial with positive responses from both the organisations.

The new interface will be available for the businesses after they sign up for an early access to the new integrated workspace on G Suite. Google is also planning on bringing the new feature to its individual users.