The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has released the passenger vehicle report for the month of September. According to the report, the passenger vehicle wholesale increased 26.45 percent to 2.72 lakh units. Whereas, in September 2019, this figure was 2.15 lakh units. That is, based on year-on-year data, more than 56 thousand units were sold last month. Let us know that auto sales have been growing for the last 2 months. Earlier, sales were down significantly due to Kovid.

according to latest data from SIAM, with two-wheeler sales up by 11.64 percent to 18.49 lakh units in September. Whereas in September 2019, this figure was 16.56 lakh units. That is, sales of 1.92 lakh units were higher based on year-on-year figures.

The motorcycle sales were 12.24 lakh units, up from 10.43 lakh units in September 2019. That is, the motorcycle segment saw a growth of 17.3%. At the same time, the scooter segment saw a slight increase on a year-on-year basis. The scooter sold 5.56 lakh units last month, a figure of 5.55 lakh units in September 2019.However, in July-September 2019, commercial vehicle sales were 1.67 lakh units, which declined by 20.13% to 1.33 lakh units in the same period. Vehicle sales during the second quarter declined marginally to 55.96 lakh units as compared to 56.51 lakh units in the same period last fiscal.