After staying on the peak for two days this week, gold and silver prices have broken. Today, the prices of both have fallen in the domestic market. Gold has now gone down to a maximum level of 52 thousand rupees. Similarly, the price of silver has also fallen to a record level of 64 thousand rupees. On Wednesday, 9 am on the MCX exchange, gold futures fell by Rs 85 to Rs 52 thousand 506 per 10 grams for the upcoming 5 August 2020. Was trending On October 5, 2020, the futures price of gold was down by Rs 47 to Rs 52 thousand 631 per 10 grams today. The silver futures have seen a fall in the domestic futures market this morning. Silver futures on MCX MCX was down by Rs 63 to Rs 64 thousand 941 per kg on Wednesday morning at 9:10 am on Wednesday. Earlier, silver spot price in domestic bullion market Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, silver futures on Comex was seen trending at $ 24.30 an ounce without any change. The global spot price of silver was down by 0.82 per cent, or $ 0.20, at $ 24.20 an ounce. Internationally, gold futures trended up by 0.30 percent, or $ 5.90, to trade at $ 1,969.80 an ounce. Apart from this, the global spot price of gold was currently trending at $ 1,951.91 an ounce, down 0.33 percent or $ 6.52.