With the impact of the international market, the general budget bullion market has gained. Within two days, its prices have fallen drastically. Where gold has become cheaper by Rs 600. At the same time, silver prices have also fallen by Rs 3000. Bullion experts say that there are signs of further decline in their prices in the coming days.

Late Tuesday, gold became cheaper by Rs 400 to Rs 50 thousand per ten grams (standard). At the same time, silver prices fell by Rs 3,000 to Rs 71,700 per kg. These days, given the prices of gold and silver, gold loan companies are making new marketing policies. Bullion experts say that the demand for gold in the futures market has decreased slightly.

At the same time, the reduction of import duty made in the general budget has also benefited. Bullion traders say that the reduction in import duty will benefit the traders as well as consumers. These days a new range of jewelery is also available according to the choice of customers in Sarafa institutions. They are also being liked a lot.