Ex-Goa MLA Lavoo Mamledar quits TMC months after joining it; dubs it as 'communal' party

By Express News Service

BELGAVI: After the tremendous response TMC got for its poll promises like Yuva Shakti Card and Griha Laxmi ahead of the assembly elections in Goa, the Mamata Bannerjee-led party launched another poll promise ‘Mhaje Ghar Maalki Hakk’ in Panaji on Tuesday.

“It is a landmark housing rights scheme that aims at securing the housing rights of Goans which is a constitutional duty of any government and is interpreted as a Fundamental Right under Article 21 (Right To Life),” said Goa TMC.

Under the scheme, the TMC-MGP alliance will ensure that within 250 days of forming the government, all the Goan families residing in Goa since before 1976 will be provided with title and ownership rights of land under possession and 50,000 subsidized homes to homeless families. 

In addition, TMC will operationalise pro-people legislations like The Goa Daman and Diu Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 and The Goa Daman & Diu Mundkars (Protection from eviction) Act, 1975 on the ground and take the cause further, said TMC Goa leaders during the launch of their fresh promise to the Goans.

It is time to bring an era of pro-people legislation which seeks to protect the lives and livelihoods of Goenkars, TMC adds.