'Giving relief in cold with the addition of cow shed made in Gothan'

Due to the sudden change in the weather, the cold wave has suddenly increased in the state. To keep away from the cold, bonfires have started burning everywhere. In such a situation, Gokashtha made in Gothan is proving useful. In view of the difficulties faced by the destitute, homeless needy and passers-by due to sudden increase in cold, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has also given instructions for necessary arrangements in all the districts. On his instructions, arrangements for bonfires have been made in the shelters, public places and shelter homes for relief from the cold. In such a situation, for arranging bonfires at the main square intersections in Balodabazar district, this time instead of wood, cow wood made in Gauthan is being used. It is quite economical as compared to wood and it is also environment friendly. It is worth mentioning that 2 Gothans are being operated by the Municipal Council Balodabazar in the centers of State Livelihood Mission. Here cow dung is procured from cattle farmers and villagers under the State Government-run Godhan Nyay Yojana. The work of buying cow dung in Gauthans is done by Shri Shanidev Mahila Self Help Group. The chairman of the group, Mrs. Subhashani Shendre, said that there are about 59 women in our group. All the women work in door to door garbage collection as well as manufacture of vermicompost, super compost and cow dung from cow dung. Mrs. Shendre said that during the second wave of covid, cow dung was also used on a large scale in the last rites of the dead. Is. Presently the group has about 50 quintals of cow wood, which they sell at Rs.8 per kg. In recent times, the urban body Balodabazar has bought Gokashtha for protection from cold wave and bonfire arrangements. This gives them additional income. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading