The animal department has completely sealed the GS Poultry farm of Gidhali after bird flu got infected and destroyed around 11,000 chickens in Gidhali near Kusumkasa in Balod district in Chhattisgarh. The gate has been closed by putting bamboo-ball on the main door and the board has also been pasted. The board has been warned that the poultry farm will remain closed as long as the bird flu is affected. At the same time, people living in a house within the radius of a kilometer apart from the poultry farm have been denied that any villager or operator of the poultry farm will keep rearing poultry, pigeon etc. as long as the bird flu remains infected. will not do.

On the other hand, due to the bird flu, there is a possibility of a slowdown in the trade of cock-chickens. In the Balod district area including Dallirajhra, Kusumkasa, the rate of about 15 to 20 rupees has been reduced. At the same time, the poultry businessmen of the district are taking precaution regarding poultry farming. Here the consumption has come down partially after the introduction of bird flu. Poultry traders hope that in a few days everything will be back to normal. Bird flu has knocked, due to which crows are dying and chickens are also dying somewhere. The poultry industry in the district has started getting affected due to the amount of bird flu outbreak.