Chhattisgarh Government Public Relations Commissioner, IAS Taran Prakash Sinha has posted an article on his Facebook account today on the birth anniversary of National Youth Day Swami Vivekananda.

Vivekananda has written-
“… and what are you guys doing. You only do stupid things throughout your life. Come, look at these people, and then hide your mouth with shame.” Sathiya intellectuals, the caste will go away as soon as you leave the country. Sitting in your skull full of years of superstition, well tell me who are you? And what are you doing at the moment? ”These are the words of Vivekananda, who stole the superiority of Indian culture in the world. They knew that we are the best in the world, but also knew that this superiority is not our own earning, but we are enjoying the glory inherited from the ancestors. His basic concern was that we should not lose our superiority in self-indulgence. Vivekananda attended the Chicago Religion Conference in 1893. In this way, the words written by Vivekananda in the letter to the names of his young friends are more than a century old, but the worries he expressed in these words have become more dense.

Swamiji was keen to restore the pride of the nation, and he was expecting the most from the youth for this work. They were asking the youth- “Well tell me, who are you?” And what are you doing right now? ”Vivekananda was pointing to the youth in his question that you should be the flag bearer of the best Indian culture in the world, because you are its conductor. But “you do stupid things.” You are sitting in your skull full of years of superstition. Your caste will leave as soon as you leave the country. “Vivekananda was pointing out that you are a young man of Indian culture and superstition and inertia have kept you in your grip. These things should have no place in your culture. He writes – “Come see these people, and then go and hide your mouth with shame.” It is not right to keep playing your cheek for the inherited cultural superiority, even conscious of what is happening worldwide. Only through seeing and assimilating will Indian culture prosper. Its scientificity will be further confirmed. It is a global competition, in which the struggle of India is to save its place. Today is the birth anniversary of Vivekananda ji. We celebrate it as Youth Day. Vivekanandji expected the creation of a glorious India from the youth. He wanted the youth to recognize the obstacles that are there in building such a golden world and modernize not only this country but the entire human society.