The Chief Minister has emphasized on taking special initiative in this matter. That every person of Chhattisgarh become self-reliant, every person should have work, only then the village, state and nation can become self-sufficient in the true sense. In Dantewada district, the district administration has started working on a unique concept “village self-employment”. Under this scheme, survey work was conducted in the villages by the survey team, in which unemployment status in villages, number of unemployment, daily needs of villages on the basis of population in villages, assessment of skill of unemployed in different work, their attachment to different employment. After analyzing the information received, information has been collected and work plan on the availability and prospects of employment in the village has started work on “village self-employment”. Initially, 5-5 panchayats of each development block in the district administration were added to this scheme, in which a total of 121 beneficiaries of 20 panchayats were included, the selection of these beneficiaries by visiting district administration officers in all the selected 20 panchayats, the presence of sarpanch, secretary etc. In this, counseling was done to the beneficiaries. In the first phase, 8 panchayats were selected, which included 55 beneficiaries from Gamawada, Chitaloor, Netapur, Chandenar, Bangalore, Farspal, Sameli, Gadhamiri.
The district administration has imparted training to the untrained unemployed of the village for self-employment as per their interest and requirement of the village and the necessary funds for self-employment are being provided through various schemes of the government and district administration. 50 thousand rupees to a family member for personal self-employment and Rs 3 lakh for collective self-employment. Up to 5.6 percent annual interest rate is being made available to the beneficiaries.