he French Air Force has launched a fierce airstrike on Al Qaeda militants operating in the African country of Mali. Mirage fighter jets and drone planes of the French Air Force fired missiles in central Mali, killing at least 50 Islamic terrorists. It is being told that the attack was carried out by France on Friday near the border of Burkin Faso and Niger.

French Defense Minister Florence Parle said after meeting with the transitional government of Mali that on 30 October, the French Air Force carried out an offensive in Mali in which 50 jihadis were killed. During this period, a large number of weapons were also recovered. The Mali government is facing Islamic terrorists in the region. The French defense minister said that 30 motorcycles have also perished in the air strike.

He said that the attack was carried out when the drone discovered that a large number of people riding on motorcycles are present on the border of the three countries. These jihadis hid under trees and tried to escape surveillance. The French Air Force then sent two of its Mirage fighter jets and drone aircraft there. These aircraft fired missiles at the terrorists, which wiped them out.

Army Spokesperson Colonel Frederick Barbie said that 4 terrorists have been apprehended. Explosives and a Suicide Jacket have been recovered from them. He said that this group of jihadis was preparing to attack an army base. Barbie said an encounter with Islamic State militants was going on in the Greater Sahara region. It includes about 3 thousand soldiers.