Forest and Transport Minister Mr. Mohammed Akbar from his residence office here today, Kawardha district, on the death of four people under natural accident (RBC 6-4), their families have been given assistance of Rs. gave. In this hour of grief, the family members thanked the Minister Shri Mohammad Akbar for his special initiative and the State Government for providing prompt relief money.

Shri Ramprasad, father of 8-year-old Bhupesh of village Sonpuri (Rani) under Kawardha development block in Kawardha district, died after drowning in the pond. Similarly, 58-year-old Mr. Firat Patel, a resident of village Mazgaon under Sahaspur-Lohara, died of snakebite. Shri Santosh Yadav, 55, resident of village Threat of Kawardha tehsil, died after drowning in the pond and Shri Takeshwar father Bodhi Patel, aged one year, resident of village Amalidih under Kawardha tehsil died due to drowning in the pond. Minister Shri Mohammad Akbar has given a check of Rs. 4 lakhs to his family today.