This month, for the first time in the country, drones traveled 10 to 20 km. Will fly to a distance of. This is being done as a trial. On the basis of this, the Ministry of Civil Aviation will make a policy related to this so that long-distance drones can be flown for future tasks.

For this, the Ministry has tasked 20 companies operating drones in the country, who will fly 100-100 hours drone and submit the results to the government. Currently, drones are used for videography or survey but in future they will be used for delivery of essentials like medicines, blood samples and rescue operations. For this, the drone is preparing to fly away from the eyes BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Side), currently VLOS (Visual Line of Side) is flown as far as possible.

The BVLOS trial of drones will begin in many states from this month. It includes Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan, NCR, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand. Dr Smith Federation of India director Smit Shah says that it is 10 to 20 km from the drone. Will be flown up to a distance of

Focus areas will be rural and hilly areas. There will be two types of trials to deliver essential things. The first way would be air drop and the second way would be by drone landing. After the trial, the data will be collected and handed over to the Ministry.

Based on this, the government will formulate a policy. Ambar Dubey, joint secretary of the ministry and head of the drone project, says that if the outcome of the trial is successful, help can be sent through drones in rural and hilly areas.