Flipkart is hosting endless sales on smartphones these days and the latest one to go live is the Flagship Fest sale. It starts from today and will last until May 14, bringing some notable deals on top-tier flagship phones. As usual, some these deals just state the old price with an asterisk while only a few are under actual discounts. Also Read – Apple AirTag can be hacked to dupe strangers but the process is complex

The phones that are actually good deals reserved the flagship status for themselves last year. The iPhone 11, as always, is getting some discount over its usual selling price while the iPhone SE gets minor discount. Flipkart’s stock clearance sale for the Motorola Razr 4G brings the price down to Rs 55,00 while a lot of 2020 gaming phones are selling for prices similar to 2021 midrangers.

The Razr 4G saw a price cut at the last Flipkart sale and it is again getting the same treatment. You can own Motorola’s first folding display phone at Rs 54,999. Flipkart seems to be adamant about clearing stocks of the Razr and hence, it seems we could see more such price cuts for the phone. Also Read – Apple to launch new colourful MacBook, inspired by new iMac, iPhone 12

Realme X3 SuperZoom

Starting at Rs 21,999, the Realme X3 SuperZoom is not only has a fast Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, it also gets a dedicated periscopic zoom camera and a 120Hz LCD display. Mobile gamers should get this one.