The Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Chhattisgarh, through the Collector in various districts of the state, approves financial assistance to the victims of natural disaster. Financial assistance of Rs 36 lakh has been accepted in 9 cases to the victims of natural calamities in Gariaband and Koriya district of the state.
Under the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular, Parmila Sahu of village Belhara in Kharagwan tehsil of Koriya district died on account of lightning fall and Shivam of village Mendra died of drowning in water. Financial assistance of Rs. Similarly, Kamlesh of village Barhori of Tehsil Bharatpur died of snakebite, Moharmati Bai of village Murma of Tehsil Baikunthpur, Bandh Kunwar of village Champajhar, Raghuvansh of village Ranai, Shantibai of village Haratola and Lalo Kumari of village Kudeli were drowned in water. Due to this, financial assistance of four lakh rupees has been sanctioned to the families of the victims of the dead.