US should prepare for a “surge upon a surge” in COVID-19 cases as millions of people are now returning home from the Thanksgiving holiday, head of coronavirus task force Anthony Fauci stressed on November 29. Speaking at an interview with CNN, Dr Fauci reckoned that he was sure that the country was going to see an uptick in coronavirus cases “because of what has happened with the travel.” According to a Washington Post report, the day before Thanksgiving was the busiest air travel day since the pandemic hit with a record 1,070,967 passengers checking in at the airports.

Meanwhile, the top immunologist stressed that there could be a “surge upon a surge” incoming two-three weeks. He further reckoned that he did not want to hurt people but it was the reality. With Christmas season approaching, experts have warned that the surge could continue into the next year. The US, which is the worst affected nation by the pandemic has reported 13,382,681 cases and 266,847 till now, the latest tally by John Hopkins University revealed.

While speaking about the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine earlier, Dr Fauci said the vaccines offer a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Adding further, he said that President-elect Joe Biden should concentrate on distributing vaccines in an efficient and equitable way.

Dr. Fauci also said he intended to push the new administration for a rigorous testing program. Further, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will meet with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss a rollout of the vaccine this week, he added.