Farmers protest internal issue, but has ripple effects in UK, says British High Commissioner to India

By Express News Service
NEW DELHI: With the UK Parliament set to debate the safety of farmer protesters on Monday, British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said the protest was an internal issue of India.

“The farmer protest is an internal issue of India but it has a ripple effect in the UK due to the large Indian diaspora. I think the foreign secretary (Dominic Raab) said it when he was here that ‘your politics is our politics’. In other words, things that happen in India have ripples in the UK partly because you have such a big diaspora community in the UK, so these things get debated,” he said on Friday.

“Our prime minister (Boris Johnson) was asked about it actually in the Prime Minister’s Question Time.”Ellis added that the issue was India’s to resolve. British MPs will debate the press freedom and safety of protesters in India in response to an e-petition which had crossed the 1,00,000-signature threshold required for such a debate.