Solar Sujala scheme is becoming useful for tribal farmers living in remote areas. The rivers, drains, wells etc. of the Vananchal region are the main sources of water, which the farmers use for farming, cultivation and vegetable production. Chhattisgarh government’s Solar Sujala scheme is a source of providing adequate water for irrigation by installing pumps at low cost to the farmers. CREDA Department Assistant Engineer Mr. Sandeep Bajare informed that pumps are also being installed in farmers’ fields and plantations in remote areas to give benefits to the farmers. Apart from this, beneficiaries are being benefited on first come first serve basis.
By applying through the Agriculture Department, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer and CREDA Department, the process of benefiting the farmers is going on continuously. Contribution of 15 thousand is given to the general class and 20 thousand. Similarly, for 5 HP Solar Sujala Yojana pump, the beneficiary share of 15 thousand and other backward classes is 20 thousand and 25 thousand for general category. He informed that a target has been set to install 2000 solar pumps in the year 2020-21. Apart from this, the beneficiaries do not have to pay any additional amount. So far, 6468 city solar pumps have been installed in the district. River, drain, well, tube well, etc. are installed to install solar pumps and solar pumps are installed on priority.