Farmers are excited as a result of getting a reasonable price for their produce by purchasing the paddy at the support price of Rs 2,500 per quintal in the Kharif marketing year 2020-21 by the Chhattisgarh government. After the kharif crop, farmers are now bringing paddy to the paddy procurement centers and are happy to sell their produce at the support price. Farmer Balud resident Shri Devchand Thakur, who came to sell his paddy at Dantewada Paddy Procurement Center, expressed gratitude to the government for giving support price of Rs 2 thousand 500 while telling about selling 15 quintals of paddy.

Mr. Devchand Thakur said that he cultivates paddy in half the area of ​​his field and takes urad-kulp pulses crop on the remaining agricultural land. Farmer Devchand Thakur, resident of Balud, said that giving reasonable prices to the farmers keeping in mind the interests of the farmers shows the sensitivity of the state government towards farmers. Farmers are also able to organize social work like marriage and marriage in the family by getting fair price for their produce. Another farmer Mr. Chital Rai also thanked the government for purchasing paddy at the support price of Rs. 2 thousand 500 by the state government. During this time, the in-charge of the Paddy Procurement Center Dantewada told these farmers that at present the payment of thinner paddy at the rate of Rs. 835 and thick paddy at the rate of Rs. 815 will be made directly in the bank account of the farmers. The remaining amount will be payable to the farmers as a bonus. He informed that the villagers are very happy with the construction of the new platform with the installation of lamps in Balud and also the token system, they do not have to go far to sell paddy. In Lamps, everyone is pleased with the good arrangement of drinking water, biscuits, masks, sanitizers, chinkers for social distance, labor for freight, gunny bags, tents for shade, etc. for the farmers.