The farewell ceremony was organized by the District Panchayat, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Mrs. Nupur Rashi Panna transferred from Mungeli to the District Panchayat. In the farewell ceremony, Mrs. Panna, Chief Functional Officer of District Panchayat transferred from District Panchayat, was given a farewell farewell and Mr. Rohit Vyas, Chief Functional Officer of Navpadadh District Panchayat was welcomed in the District Panchayat. On this occasion, Collector PS ALMA sent a memento to the transferred Chief Work Officer, Mrs. Panna and wished her bright and happy future. Collector Mr. Elma said that Mrs. Panna has been transferred to Bilaspur district as Additional Collector by the state government. While holding the post of Additional Collector, there will be a chance to perform important works including Nazul, Diversion, Municipal Corporation. Which will be useful and meaningful for future. On this occasion, Collector Mr. Elma appreciated Mrs. Panna’s easy, simple gentle behavior and work. Transferred CEO Mrs. Panna said that under the guidance of Collector Mr. Elma, I got an opportunity to work with the team of skilled officers. Which will be unforgettable for them. The function was also addressed by the newly appointed CEO of Zilla Panchayat Mr. Vyas. In the farewell ceremony, officers of various departments expressed their satisfaction over the work of transferred CEO Smt. Panna to speed up development in rural areas and establish new dimensions. He said that transferred CEO Mrs. Panna has also played a leading role in difficult times like Kovid-19 transition. Which will be remembered for a long time. On this occasion, the officials wished Mrs. Panna to reach the pinnacle of success with a healthy and long life. On the occasion of farewell, the Forest Officer, Shri Ram Avatar Dubey, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. M.D. Revenue Mr. Naveen Bhagat, Sub-Divisional Officer, Tandwe, Mungeli Section, District Program Manager of National Health Mission, Mr. Utkarsh Tiwari, Public Health Engineering Department’s Work Engineer Mr. Sanjeev Brijpuria, Rural Engineering Service’s Work Engineer Mr. P.K. Sharma, District Education Officer, Mr. G.P. Bhardwaj, District Program Officer of Women and Child Development Department Mr. Rajendra Kashyap, Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department Ms. Shilpa Sai, Labor Officer Mrs. Shraddha Kesharwani, Assistant Project Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Vinayak Gupta, APO of Skill Development Authority. Ms. Nikhat Qureshi, Chips EDM Ms. Sonam Tiwari, including District Administration and District Panchayat officials-employees were present. The program was conducted by Mrs. Vibha Christ, Supervisor of Women and Child Development Department.