Social media company Facebook is resorting to artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence-AI) to take fast action on harmful and objectionable content. The company uses this technology to determine the priority of ‘complained content’. Facebook has more than 1.82 billion daily active users worldwide. In the past, the company has had to listen a lot in terms of dealing with the content that promotes hate in India. While India is one of its biggest markets.

Facebook’s Product Manager (Community Integrity) Ryan Byrnes said that the company is using AI to prioritize complained content. Setting priority in this way is very important to help its more than 15,000 reviewers. He said that such priority is important for four reasons such that not all the content which causes harm is equal, some repatriation rules are complicated, people do not always complain about the harmful content and the complaints are not always right. Talking to reporters in the virtual program, he said that the company has now started looking ahead only by relying on the complaint of the user. Now he has started taking technology help in this process. He said that now with the help of this technology, 95% of such content gets caught in the company before anyone complains.