Faced with intense scrutiny over users’ privacy and data protection, Facebook said it would continue to invest in research and innovation on a regular basis, creating privacy and secure products and processing data. To help develop new methods.Significantly, media reports have claimed that a federal antitrust investigation targeting Facebook is in its final stages and members of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have made a recommendation to the agency’s commissioners whether it would be against Facebook Whether or not to file a no-confidence motion. Only then has Facebook released the statement.

Facebook said on Friday that it would continue to work with policy makers, privacy experts and others in emerging privacy sectors, as we build solutions to make people feel safe and comfortable while using our products.

Facebook said that, over the past several months, it has made changes to public groups and created new products such as shops on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Campus and Accounts Center. “Thanks to the effective collaboration of many teams on Facebook, these products have been able to give people the best experience, while respecting their privacy,” said Michelle Protti, the product’s chief privacy officer.