Express News Service

MUMBAI: Former Maharashtra chief minister and leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis, in his party meeting on Tuesday, said that they should stop overthinking about forming government in Maharashtra, whether they will come back in power or not it should not much concern. If they come in power, then it should be called a bonus.

The BJP leader addressed his party leaders meeting said that they should expose the Uddhav Thackeray government and its wrong policies. He alleged this government is Vasuli (recovery) government.

“In this government, there is one chief minister but here everyone behaves like the chief minister of Maharashtra. They are not worried, concerned and interested about people’s issues but are more focused on drugs, Aryan Khan and other non-issues,” Fadnavis said.

Reacting to the comment, NCP minister Nawab Malik said it is good that Devendra Fadnavis is over the ambition becoming chief minister and realized that he is no more chief minister. “This is a good sign that the BJP leaders are coming out from the illusion of power. They still behave like they are ruling Maharashtra and each day threaten people sending them to jail. The opposition should work for the people and they should be the voice of the people, not work as agents of someone,” Malik said.

Fadnavis also said refuted the charges of Maha Vikas Agahdi blaming BJP for recent violence in Amarawati. He said that Maha Vikas Aghadi govt wants to polarize the voters, therefore they are not taking action against the people who are involved in violence in Nanded, Malegaon, Parbhani and Amarawati. “The Azad Maidan pattern has been replicated in Amarawati where police were assaulted by the protestors a few years ago. We opposed it. The government rather than taking actions against the culprit they are arresting the BJP leader. This is unfortunate,” Fadnavis said.

He also alleged that the Uddhav Thackeray government is one of the most corrupt governments in the history of Maharashtra. “There is not kaydyache rajya (rule of law) here, but kay dayache (what should be given) state here. No one is getting justice from farmer to government employee. Where is the government,” Fadnavis asked.