Mobile traders were hoping that the budget would provide relief on mobile, charger and other products. The 18 percent GST will be reduced to 12 percent. But in contrast, the customary duty on mobile, charger and other products has been increased by 2.5 percent in the general budget presented on Monday. Due to this, its prices will increase.

Mobile, charger as well as other electronics products will also be affected. Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce vice-president and electronics businessman Rajesh Vaswani said that now mobile and charger prices will definitely increase further. It will be harmful and business will decline. The effect of this is that any consumer going abroad will be able to buy expensive mobiles from there itself.

It will be available for expensive after shopping here. He said that though the budget has taken care of other areas. He said that the effect of this will be seen in the mobile market as well. The price of the mobile will be fixed according to the price of the mobile, at least from Rs 500 to maximum.