In Bemetara district, on Thursday, the Excise Department in a big action, busted the illegal liquor factory. The Excise Department will honor three sub-inspectors who expose the illegal factory. Excise Sub Inspector Neelam Kiran Singh, Excise Sub Inspector Anil Mittal and Excise Sub Inspector Pankaj Kujur will be honored and awarded. Apart from this, preparations are also being made to rule the illegal liquor factory and land.

In fact, the Excise Department on Thursday arrested three accused with 120 cases of Goan liquor brought from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh. Apart from this, the Excise Department also seized 860 liters of fake English liquor loaded in four drums. The factory from which liquor was confiscated, fake liquor was being made indiscriminately.

The Excise Department first caught the Swift Desire car (written by Advocate) of accused Abhiwash Singh, a resident of Raipur, near Sankara on Bilaspur Road, in which 50 cases of liquor were recovered. After that, the flying squad was sent to Bemetra on interrogation of the accused, where 50 boxes of Swabraj Mazda truck near Anil Kumar Verma and 20 boxes of Kuleshwar Vaishnav’s house were recovered from Goan brand.