The state level medical seminar program of Chhattisgarh Jan Kalyan Samiti took place on 3 February today in the hall hall of Neer Bhawan. Dr. MK Kaushal, National President of National Development of AYUSH Medical Science Roller India was present in the seminar. He said that electro homeopathy is a scientific and complete medical practice. As a result of this, its medicines are themselves, which after being medicated / made from harmless forest medicine world itself, they provide healing by using them on an unhealthy human being.

As far as perfection is concerned, three things are necessary for the completion of a medical system. First his own principles, second his own materia medica and third his own formality and his independent experimentation method. All things appropriate are in electro homeopathy therapy. The participation of doctors, academics and students is important in the promotion and recognition of this path.

Kaushal said that all the people related to electro homeopathy will complete the research and practice together and make efforts for government recognition of easy and beneficial medical practice. After this, Dr. Ashok Dubey, Principal of Electro Homoeopathic Medical College Raipur, answered the validation and legal questions related to medical practice. Thereafter, the committee’s patron Dr. Gajpal gave detailed information about the struggles and activities undertaken by the organization for the development and recognition of electro homeopathy medicine.