In the UPA regime, the then Home Minister duo Shinde and P. Chidambaram invented the words of Hindu terror and Sepron Tire.

Rahul Gandhi went to the US during the same period. He said before the US officials that there is a more dangerous Hindu terror than LeT terror in India.

Encouraged by the same, the CIA published a fact report on June 16 which stated that VHP and Bajrang Dal are extremist organizations and RSS is the parent organization of the Bharatiya Janata Party and a nationalist organization.

Digvijay Singh, on the lines of Rahul Gandhi, while endorsing the pole of the said lies today, said that all Hindu terrorists were RSS workers.

It is necessary to mention that Zakir Naik has already given the name of Rahul Gandhi’s mentor Digvijay Singh Santantak and has told RSS in the 26/11 Mumbai blast.

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress are playing the footsteps of their ancestors to divide Hindus while playing the Muslim card at the time of election.

Apart from this, the dalit card is also being malfunctioned and for this, Rohit has tried to take political advantage even from Vemulah’s suicide.

According to the news published today, Radhika Vemulah, the mother of Rohit Shemu, a student of Hyderabad University, who came to discuss the cause of suicide, has made several allegations against the Indian Union Muslim League. Radhika has accused her of neglecting the League as well as politically misusing her. The promise was made to Radhika when the leader of the league, along with Ambedkar Student Federation workers also used to meet him. Explain that Rohit was also the member of the Ambedkar Student Federation.

Radhika said that after Rohit’s suicide, many leaders of the League came to meet him, most of whom did not even recognize him. They promised Radhika to give her 20 lakh rupees to build a house, citing her poverty.

After this assurance, Leagues started taking political advantage of Rohit’s mother. They started sitting on the stage of rallies organized against the government and a party special and such political statements were started.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is facing a dispute of defamation on the statement of the National Self-Service Association being behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. On June 12, he appeared in a court in Nagpur in this case. The Congress has not been able to emerge from the controversy that another senior leader has called the Sangh as an organization of extremists. BJP has strongly condemned this new statement of Congress to spread hatred and terrorism in the country on the Sangh.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, Congress Coordination Committee chairman Digvijay Singh has come out on a unity journey between Congressmen in MP this time. During this time, he is also discussing with Congress workers

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, who is heading the headlines from statements, has targeted the Sangh and the BJP.La in the Jhabua region of Madhya Pradesh, Singh gave the statement in connection with the terrorists.

I remain on my statement in which it says that if any Hindu terrorists have been caught in any terrorist incident, they have sometimes been the Sangh’s workers. Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi, was also a member of the RSS. He said that Hindu terrorists come from the union because the ideology of the Sangh is going to spread hatred.

On the basis of the above facts, it can be alleged that Congress wants to achieve Yen-Ken-Shakran power by adopting a more dangerous path than the Hurriyat and other separatist organizations. The public wants that if Rahul Gandhi really wants to reach the top of politics, instead of secessionism, adopt nationalism.