Has anyone heard that Kejriwal has ever said a word against Sonia Gandhi? The reason for this is that NGOs of Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia have been supported by the Ford Foundation, which is the birthplace of Sonia Gandhi’s native Italy. Why, it can be easily known.

There is a special discussion this week in the media that the newborn babies are being sold in the Jharkhand for Rs.

Apart from this, more sensational news has been published this week that four pastor missionaries of Kerala were arrested in the crime of rape. Many such news stories have been published from time to time.

In addition to these abominable inhuman acts, Christian missionaries and their archbishop and pastor have been involved in anti-India activities.

India has also been interfering in the dark circles and issued a fatwa to link politics to religion. For example, during the assembly election, the priest of the party had issued a fatwa that the nationalist vote to defeat the powers of India ie vote for the Congress

This same fatwa was issued by the Archbishop even during the Karnataka assembly election and it was supported by the Vatican.

A new racket for selling non-resident in Missionaries of Charity, instituted by St. Teresa in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi, has emerged. In the investigation, the Child Welfare Committee, which has been holding the racket, has filed a case against the operator of the Missionaries of Charity, the operator of the institute.

How caught … In fact, Anima Indwar, a missionary employee, sold the infant of an unmarried pregnant girl to a couple of UPs. A few days later, the child was withdrawn from them. After which the couple had conveyed the message about the racket being run by missionaries.

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das instructed two directions that strict action will be taken against them by linking the procurement of neonatal children and exploiting pregnant women.

It has been learned from the Jharkhand Secretariat that between 2015 and 2018, 450 women had come for support in different missionaries Homes. But in the name of giving support, the children were sold. They were filled up with false assertions. And according to the letter of the oath, the unmarried mother can not present a claim on her child.

Why are Secular Bigrid and Rahul Gandhi silent on the said crimes of Christian missionaries?

The way the children were being priced, this can not be done for 2-3 nuns. Actually the entire organization works like a network for it. Some journalists who monitor the functioning of the Missionaries of Charity have tried to bring the real face of Mother Teresa, but till now people did not believe in them.

The book that opened the poll of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ was suppressed.

Indian author and physician doctor Arup Chatterjee had first disclosed that Mother Teresa was actually selling the children of poor Indian families in western countries and selling them. He gave the complete information he had given in his book ‘Mother Teresa – The Final Verdict’ in 2003.

In the book, he gave full information about the condition of the Ashrams of Mother Teresa and the activities of that place. At the same time, he tried to get help from the media about the incidents of child selling, but due to the matter related to the Christian missionary and above Mother Teresa, the media silenced him. Mother Teresa and her organization got open exemption from the government and the police.

In 2016, Arup Chatterjee wrote another book titled ‘Mother Teresa – The Untold Story’, in which he has written to the names of the children who saw them sold. In this, he gave an account of an incident of 1980 when Mother Teresa sold Sonataan Dhar, a 7-year-old child, for a million rupees 25 thousand to a Catholic Christian family in Belgian based on fake documents.

Sonia Gandhi Connection of Forced Conversion and Silent Support of the Secular Jamadera a large network of conversions is being run in the country. For this reason, the Hindu population is constantly declining in the country. In the country of Hindus, only eight states have become Hindu minorities. The biggest role has been seen in the Christian missionaries. It is alleged that these missionaries are being influenced by Congress party President Sonia Gandhi. In Arunachal Pradesh, his intentions are well known. Indeed, in the last 10 years, Sonia Gandhi has been charged with conversion of tribal castes living by Christian missionaries themselves. There was no Christian in Arunachal Pradesh in 1951. Their population was 18 percent in 2001. According to the 2011 census, now more than 30 percent of Christians in Arunachal are Christians. The process of conversion to Arunachal was started only after becoming Rajiv Gandhi’s Prime Minister in 1984. Then for the first time the government allowed Christian missionaries to open their centers there. It is believed that by putting pressure on Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia himself had brought Christian missionaries there.

In the country, the lessons of the Constitution and tolerance have been taught to the Hindus, but the curses of Muslims and Christians are always curtained. After the Kathua incident, there have been many such incidents in recent times that it has become clear that Christian missionaries have become the host of rape with human trafficking.

Even more dangerous thing is that these missionaries are interfering in India’s insolent cases and trying to impose India with the forces of anti-India forces.