Today’s main news is: US Supreme Court upheld the trip restrictions of Trump.

Secondly: Passport is not required for marriage certificate.

News related to this: Passport dispute: Tanvi’s passport may be seized, many claims of false claims in the inquiry report

In Lucknow police investigation, it has been revealed that Tanvi had given the wrong information to make a passport. He claimed to be in Lucknow, Tanvi told the passport office that he used to work with his husband Anas Siddiqui in Noida. But his job is to stay in the house in Lucknow. When Lucknow police pulled out the details of Tanvi’s mobile number, it was known that Tanvi was staying in Noida before June 14.

The Lucknow Passport controversy is still being seen as a result. After this controversy arising due to marriage certificate, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has announced that there is no merit certificate required to get the passport. The External Affairs Minister said that many married men and women had complained that it is necessary to give marriage certificate in passport office for passport. We have ended this rule. Some divorced women complained that they were asked to fill their former husband’s name.

Pradeep Dwivedi has rightly said in the review: The popularity of liquor is the reason for long hangover. On third, if the case is a step-by-step cocktail, then it can reach deadly condition. It is an eternal truth that Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi came to Suror of this cocktail and took many such steps which are affecting the country as a result of any poisonous liquor till date. Now this is what appears to be very much with Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

The only thing is not that a passport officer Vikas Mishra was removed. The case is that the developments were related to the woman who adopted a class special. Her minority husband alleged. A special kind of plant of social media and media immediately gave it air. As a result, the self-made victim was given a hand-in-hand passport and Mishra was removed from there.

Sushma Swaraj has got a passion for immediate resolution of complaints received online. It was not wrong in earlier cases. He was a symbol of His greatness. But this time, what this passion has done is forcing a lot to think. Passport is involved in important issues related to the security of the country. It has its own processes. Strict, but very necessary. Now if this necessary rigor is immersed in the whirlpool of appeasement, can it be said right?

But that happened. All the rules remained and the couple got out of the office with a passport and accompanied the passport. While this can not be done But the case was of Swaraj. The image was intoxicated. It was about to hang over. Cocktail had the effect. There was a need to improve the image of your team between a particular class. Therefore, not only the law did not break, the flaws of the processes were also blown away. Mishra was removed in a humiliating way without giving an opportunity for cleaning.

When Rahul Gandhi first visited Atalji in hospital, he considered this a certitude of Atal Bhakti. If there is no news about the meeting of Atal ji’s Navaratna Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha etc. then is he not an untiring devotee?

They are not even possible. If he was an Atal devotee, why would he keep singing revolt against the BJP everyday?

Sometimes the anti-BJP people used to say that Atal ji is in the wrong party but in the wrong party. Similarly someone has tweeted

In a similar way, we can say that for the convenience of the Indian Constitution, hundreds of amendments have been made in the Indian Constitution. If the word secularism was put into place in the constitution, it was definitely not defined but defined.

The choice of Navratnas was also right by Atal ji? All things of Mahatma Gandhi were also fine, was everything right? Whatever Sushma ji is doing, are they all right? Whatever I want to do, I want to do it, my wish is that I am minister.

Rahul can also say that the Congress is in my fist and the Congress is in the balance of the power of Hindustan. They also do whatever is right for the devotees of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.