Doing politics by betrayal 130 core Indians and with the country, and According to this above same, why should the Congress party have to determine its party’s policy?

What is Rahul Gandhi trying to prove to be a hypocrite to Hinduism and to go against Hinduism?

The Gotra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘genealogy’. In Hinduism, there is a clan on the basis of the birth of a member of every lineage. This Gotra is found on the Gotra of the father, because in Hinduism, there is a dynasty in the name of father

It was okay to join Lahore in organizing the Kartarpur corridor program, but Siddhu lifted the Rafael case by reaching Lahore. Siddhu is not taking any credit from the country by raising issues related to defense deals in Pakistan. In a conversation with the media in Lahore, he talked about getting a hug from the Pakistan army chief saying that he had embraced no Rafael deal. He has said that when two Punjabi people meet, then they get hug and this is normal.

Will Amarinder Singh and the Congress chief take Siddhu’s gesture seriously? This is not possible because this anti-india game have been played on the instructions of Rahul Gandhi.

Navjot Sidhu said in the event organized by the media: “The seeds that Imran Khan sowed three months ago have now become a tree. It is a happy moment for the Sikh community that in order to receive the blessings of Baba Guru Nanak, without any difficulty, a corridor will be available for reaching Kartarpur. ”

Rajiv Gandhi opened the lock of Ram Lala’s door to get votes of Hindus and there after Shahbano case order passed by the Supreme Court had been changed in sansad by Rajiv Gandhi himself to get votes of Muslims, Rahul Gandhi is on the one hand as a hypocrite and on the other hand adopting the Pakistan-based policy. The election manifesto of the Muslim and Christian appeasement and the video of same intention are built. The manifesto of Telangana and the video of Kamal Nath Viral ┬áin the social media are examples of this.

A few days after the video shown by Madhya Pradesh state Congress chief Kamal Nath, the party’s Muslim workers asked to ensure “90 percent voting” in community-dominated booths, the party attacked the shock on secularism. In its draft manifesto before the Telangana elections, Congress has made a great attempt to appease and provoke Muslims against Hindus.

The draft has been accessed by Times Now. This shows that Congress has unveiled seven ‘Muslim-only’ schemes and some Christian appeasement in its manifesto to entice voters of Muslim and Christian communities before the Telangana assembly election in 2018.

On the one hand, when PM Modi talks about development of everyone, adopts the policy accordingly and executing the programs accordingly. Congress vice versa and minority appeasement policy is on the opposite.

There are plans for free electricity for mosques and churches, special occasion in government contracts for Muslim youth, 20 lakh aid to poor Muslim students, residential schools for Muslims, hospitals for minorities, special Urdu D.Sc for minorities (District Selection Committee) ) And penalties for firms for recruitment on the basis of religion.

In particular, People’s Front, including Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and Telangana Jan Samiti (TJS), has released its manifesto, which is the common document on which all four The parties agreed. However, Congress will release its own manifesto, which includes ‘Muslim-only’ schemes.

It is clear from this that the character of Congress is communal and the Congress party has never believed in equality.

It is notable here that Dr. Manmohan Singh, while being the Prime Minister, said that Muslims have the first right to have resources on India’s resources. It means that Muslims are the first citizens of the country and Hindus are second-rate citizens, according to Congress.

Former Telangana minority commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan, who had resigned from the Congress in the beginning of this month, had described the manifesto as “unfortunate step”. Khan said that Congress is only making Muslims happy and do not want to work for their upliftment.

According to news from Times Now, Congress will launch several schemes keeping in mind the Muslims in its manifesto. Muslim youth, construction of residential schools for Muslims, construction of hospitals for minorities Can there be schemes like special Urdu district selection committee for minorities, etc.?

The Congress has made many promises to Christians besides Muslims, in which Scheduled Caste status, two bedroom houses for Dalit Christians, free education for their children and health and ex-gratia insurance of five lakh rupees to the church priests.