Vijay Mallya’s mili-Bhagat was from the BJP or from the Congress? Many news stories have been published in this regard today:

>> Kingfisher is used to travel freely by  Rahul, Havala connection to company: BJP
>> Congress leader and former PM helped Vijay Mallya: Piyush Goyal
>> Bank against the fugitive Vijay Mallya reached the UK court.
>> Jaitley explained Mallya’s lies.
>> Mallya reverses his statement, said-no official meeting with Finance Minister Jaitley
>> And there are also connections from Rahul Gandhi’s hawala company.

The allegations made by Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders in the context of Jaitley and Vijay Mallya  BJP today prove that  Vijay Mallya is a Satyarthi Harishchandra for all of them.
In response, the BJP and Jaitley also had to come to the ground.
That is why financial criminal Vijay Mallya has said, “Both the big parties have made him political football and later I have been made a goat”.

While giving an interview in India News on July 07, 2013, the former Raw Officer had disclosed that through Hafiz Saeed the Congress is sending its black money abroad through hawala.
: The BJP on Thursday accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi of making big allegations about Black money and Vijay Mallya. The BJP spokesperson said that Rahul Gandhi has a share in the Young India Company, Rahul has misappropriated 5 thousand crore. The BJP accused the Gandhi family of helping Vijay Mallya and taking advantage of them.

The concerned said that the Government of Manmohan Singh helped Mallya to forgive Malya’s loan during her government.

The concerned Patra said that Rahul Gandhi has gone on the back foot at Kingfisher Airlines. Sometimes it seems that the ownership of the airlines was not owned by Mallya, but was in proxy by the Gandhi family. The benefits of Gandhi family Kingfisher Airlines are in the public domain through business class upgradation, free tickets etc. Patra told that there were many correspondence between RBI and SBI, which has revealed that Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh had sidelined the rules about Mallya and Kingfisher Airlines.