The Western European country, especially the United States, considers itself as the protector of religious freedom, the freedom of the parrors and the protector of democracy, but in reality it is not the guard who is the eater

The patronage of these countries has always been patronized by Pakistan’s birthplace and birthplace of Global Jihad.

All Western countries often want to bring the world under Christianity. It is now coming to the fore that the Vatican sympathies have also become towards the Islamic fundamentalist and this nefarious alliance is just peaceful and against Hindu religion and Buddhist nations, especially India.

Right now we saw in the time of the Gujarat assembly elections and during the Karnataka assembly elections, the Christian Archbishops issued fatwa in the same way in terms of jihad against religious freedom of India. A similar fatwa was issued to Deoband during the UP by-election.

Now, by explaining the results of the results of Jai town of Karnataka and Jaya Khet of Karnataka and Uttarakhand’s Kokan and Bihar’s Jokihat, we come to the conclusion that the split of the Hindus and the unity of the Muslims are not only the only Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Is to remove

If the truth is asked, this jihad is not against PM Modi but because of which India can not progress and lead the world.

UN report violates India’s independence, sovereignty.

The report of the UN came at a time when the Ramzan Siegefire has been announced by India. The Foreign Ministry spokesman has described this report as “a violation of the fatal, indifferent Indian sovereignty, a compilation of unverified information on a large scale, highly motivated by bias and lies”.

This report prepared by Al Hussein will be one of his final reports. Hussein is completing his tenure this year and after this, the UN General Assembly will appoint a new chief. Neither India nor Pakistan allowed the OHCHR office to reach Kashmir, so Hussein said that this report is a result of “remote monitoring”. India has an active presence in Geneva-based United Nations Office, but the Ambassador of India has failed to obtain the information of the country’s bad report. However, the External Affairs Ministry spokesman told that he has given information about his opposition to the OHCHR.

Former Vice President of the UN Human Rights Council Dilip Sinha said, “This report is a lie because it has been prepared with a bias regarding OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation) Kashmir. It is to criticize the country which gives its people rights, while allowing NGOs and media to work, while in Pakistan it is not so.

Today, encouraged by UN report, today’s terror attack in Srinagar has killed two people, including the editor of the newspaper.

In the press colony of Srinagar city in Jammu and Kashmir, local newspaper editor Shujaat Bukhari was killed in a devastating attack on Thursday evening. Shujaat Bukhari and his PSO were killed in the attack and two people were seriously injured.

A deadly attack on senior journalist has stirred a stir in the area. According to the media report, the Special Police Officer of Srinagar is also seriously injured in this attack. On one hand, while the Government of India has decided not to take action against the terrorists in the month of Ramzan, terrorism has increased in the state this time.

This is a sudden attack on Shujaat Bukhari, a senior journalist from the local newspaper Rising Kashmir from Press Colony. On receiving information about the incident, Srinagar Police responded against the terrorists after reaching the spot and the police officers were also injured.

Rajnath Singh also mourns

In addition to Mehbooba Mufti, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has also condemned the attack on the killing of Shujaat Bukhari. Rajnath Singh has written in his tweet, “The killing of Shukat Bukhari, editor of the Rising Kashmir newspaper, is a cowardly incident. He was a fearless journalist and I am sorry for his demise. I express my condolences to his family. ”

Mehbooba Mufti condemned the attack

After the murder of Shujaat Bukhari, the state’s chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, mourning the incident, described the attack of terrorists as unfortunate. In his message on Twitter after the murder of Shujaat Bukhari, Mehbooba wrote, “I am sad because of the murder of Shujaat Bukhari. I condemn this violence and pray that the soul of the deceased is at peace.