In the Delhi Assembly elections for the first time in the interview given by the journalists after Rahul’s victory, Rahul Gandhi had said that he will try that in the future you should follow the party’s character and move the Congress towards victory.

After this, continuously Rahul Gandhi has made polarization, but the baseless allegations are being put in the same way as the Anarchist Kejriwal has imposed.

Feroz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi’s maternal grandfather was part of Mussolini’s party in Italy. Mussolini was a supporter of Hitler Mano has been locked in Russia’s prison for a few years now. Rahul Gandhi often goes to Italy to spend his holidays on the pretext of meeting his grandmother. The entry of Hitler’s campaigner Goebbels has probably been done in Rahul Gandhi.

Yesterday only Smriti Irani said in Madhya Pradesh that the Congress of Yuvraj is roaming around for a lie.

Raju Das free lance journalist through the Opienda site, via the Opienda site, Congress of Rahul Gandhi of Clubs of Goebbels, via the Economic Times and the other newspapers in the same way, a fek news is being broadcast today on November 23: The BJP, the party, overtook reputable companies.

On November 23, the Economic Times has circulated a false story, Fake News, claiming that according to the latest data from the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the Indian television in the week ending on November 16 Number one has become an advertiser.

It has been mentioned in the story that BJP is ahead of Hindustan Unilever BJP, Hindustan Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Amazon and other advertisers like others. It has been mentioned in the story that BJP is number one advertiser in all the channels above the number two in the last week.

This false Fake News emblem of Economics has been followed by other media houses and this is being viral by leaders like Fake News Opposition parties, especially Abhishek Manu Singhvi of Congress.

According to some reports, the Congress party, moving ahead, demanded that the Election Commission be examined to become the top advertiser of BJP.

Claiming that BJP has overcome traditional advertisers like HUL, it was a surprise news, so we decided to examine the source of the news (Raju Das reporter). Weekly television ads and viewer data are uploaded to the BARC website, so we used to go there to verify the report. When we selected to see the top 10 advertisers for the week ending on November 16, the following table was presented to us.

But why did the Media House like Economic Times publish such unfounded news? On the BARC website, television is another category for advertising on top 10 brands. And in that list, BJP is occupying top position for the same week, followed by Netflix and Trivago. Therefore, BJP is the top advertised brand on TV for the week, but it was not the top advertiser because media reports claim.

If companies like HUL are on the top advertisers list, why they are not included in the top brand list, you can ask. The answer is simple, there are dozens of products in FMCG beams, such as HML, ITC, for whom they advertise on TV. This means, although they spend the highest amount on advertisements, but this amount is divided between different brands. For that simple reason, BJP has emerged as the top advertised brand because the advertisement of the party is not divided into many brands like consumer goods companies. That’s why netflix and trivago are on the list because these companies do not have many brands to split their ads.

There is a fundamental difference between becoming a top advertiser and a top advertised brand. And for sure to claim each other, a fake news is Fake News which is being spread by Congress.

BARC data is available online in public, yet how and why media houses spread this fake news, this is a big question. A media house may be a mistake, but it can not be said that other media houses covering the story did not even check the source website once. Prior to the election, it should be an intentional effort to spread false information about BJP. On this issue, the Congress may be right, the Election Commission should inquire into the matter to know the root cause of this fake news.