After the ‘surgical strike’, the Pakistani media was engaged in the mirror: after the video, the same thing happened to the Congress: Sanjay Nirupam told the Prime Minister, “Fergie. It seems that the Congress is not going to change. Stub stub will remain the same.
We are now seeing that JNU is towards change. Some time back, it was considered a crime to sing Vande Mataram singing and to glorify Bharat Mata and hoisting the national flag. In Jadavpur University, the professor of the law had strongly opposed it.
Now it is coming to see that the JNU slogans of treason were now on the walls have been taken photographs of the martyrs and they also bowed down to professors and students.
There was a time when even in JNU, the so called martyrdom day of Afzal Guru was being celebrated, on the same day, there were slogans of independence in the presence of Left leader student Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar: Kashmir demand freedom, Kerala Demand freedom will continue till the waste of India, continued struggle.
On the same day, Rahul Gandhi reached Kejriwal and other leftist leaders to patrol the said independence gang.
Still Rahul Gandhi and his Congress wants to gain power by creating a situation of civil war in India with the help of Pakistan and China. Jihadis and Maoists have their sympathy. Congress-Jigrash-Maoist Trio is conspiring to burn India like this. Rahul and Congress are also with Lashkar in the media. Congress leader calls for freedom of Kashmir demand
Today’s tweet of Nana Patekar: Rise up brother … Take a look at the evidence of surgical strikes on TV.
Kejriwal and his companions slept under this tug. Seeing the video of the surgical strikes today, there has been a panic in the Congress, not only in Pakistan. He has lost his sleep and he is alive. In the semi-arithmetic phase, they are trying to lower the expectations of the army’s morale against nationwide.
Earlier, he had presented a testimonial on surgical strikes, imitating the terrorist Hafiz Saeed and other leaders of Pakistan.
Today, he has also put a guideline on the video of Surgical Strike. It is worth noting that all the Congress leaders have insulted the army from time to time. Arundhati Roy has been doing this work abroad. Not only that Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid of the freedom gang have been making false allegations against the army.
Now Ghulam Ghani Azad has openly charged the Indian army. Rahul Gandhi has made a silence on his hateful anti-country activities. It is a very regretful thing. Not so much Saifuddin Soz, who was minister in the UPA regime, has written a book advocating independence of Kashmir. In that book, the country has done a complete act of dishonesty by falsely accusing Lohupurush Vallabh Bhai Patel for glorifying Nehru. The Congress President is silent on this too
With the help of these freedom gangs and their leaders, Hyderabad University has the opportunity to become the basis of the tragedy of the whole act.
On the Kargil Victory Day in Hyderabad University, a case of alleged chopped ‘Kargil Memorial’ was created in memory of martyrs. The incident of 26 July (2017). According to sources, the Kargil Memorial itself was broken by the University officials with the police. According to the Times of India news, the incident was opposed by ABVP student student of the BJP. On July 26 (2017), the student body had established temporary memorial in memory of Kargil martyrs. Which was established at the University’s shopping complex area. At the same time, the university’s security officials allegedly damaged the memorial. Meanwhile, there was also a scathing nose among students and security officials.
On the issue of Rohit Weamulla’s suicide, Rahul Gandhi Kejriwal and other Left leaders also tried to provoke students. The High Court of Maharashtra and other provinces has termed the use of the word Dalit illegitimate. This relation is not mentioned in the Constitution. The present government of the central government has also issued instructions to all provinces and said that the word dalit should not be used.
Regardless of this, all media channels and print media and politicians are using this word every day to distribute the society and the country, it should be stopped immediately in this and anjaane.