Congress denotes separatism This is the reason that Hamid Ansari, after being removed from the post of Vice President, became the symbol of the first jihadi fundamentalist separatism and joined the ISI-affiliated organization of the organization PFI at a function. Seeing this scene, the polynomial Janayoghari Brahmin Rahul Gandhi and his mother were quite energetic. Since the Congress does not go public with Janpath, it was natural to sprinkle the leader of the blind-witted Congress leader of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.

Here’s a picture of how this situation happened later.

During the Gujarat assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi had knocked on the doors of the temples while digging the votes of the Hindus to be called the Janawardi Brahmin. On the other hand, the star campaigner of the Congress to grab the votes of Muslims was Buran Wani, a devotee of the Hurriyat who considered the leader of the Hurriyat, Salman Nizami

Prior to the Karnataka Assembly elections, Congress’s Karnataka cabinet decided to withdraw the case against the Muslim organizations’ Jihadi Front (PFI) and the Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) workers. Who had been called from Kerala for the riots in different parts of the state in recent years.

There is nothing new for Gandhi Dynasty. From Pandit Nehru to all other descendants, during their own reign, they have been following the policy of votebank politics and rule.

It is worth noting that Jigrass got financial support from Jihadi organization PFI at the time of Gujarat elections.

Omar Khalid’s father, who has been the officer in the SIMI terrorist organization PFI is a renamed form of this banned organization, SIMI. Omar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar and Hardik Patel are on trial for treason On the basis of these same people, Rahul Gandhi is looking forward to becoming the Prime Minister.

I think it’s fair to do this more clearly. There were two Home Minister Sushil Shinde and P. Chidambaram in the UPA regime. Both of them spread the lies of Hindu terrorism, saffron terrorism.

Two Pakistani citizens were arrested by the police in the compromise blast. In the case of the Sarpanch and Malegaon blasts, the innocent Karnal Purohit and Pradnya Bharti were imprisoned in the jail to defame Hindus and make Pakistan happy.

The UPA government wanted the union chief Mohan Bhagwat ji to be arrested in the case. But immediately after this thought, the conspiracy did not succeed with the end of UPA rule.

Now on June 7, in the Sangh’s program, former President Pranab Mukherjee has approved to join and give speeches on nationalism, this is because some Congress leaders are hurt.

Sandeep Dikshit, who called the Chief of the Army Staff Vipin Rawat as a street punk, has favored the former president’s move.

Senior Congress leader CK Jafar Sharif has written to Pranab Mukherjee not to join the Sangh’s program. It is also said, “I do not understand, what is such compulsion?”

It is pertinent to remind the separatist leaders of the Congress that in 1963, Nehru was reminded of the union workers being called in the Republic Day parade. It is also being reported from the Sangh that on the call of senior leader Eknath Ranade, Indira Gandhi had unveiled the Vivekananda Rogue Memorial in 1977. The Sangh also praised the relief work done during floods and other emergencies.

If the Congress does not have the secularism today, then it will have to adopt nationalism instead of separatism.