By the form of Janawardi Brahmin, Polytheism, Rahul Gandhi met with Muslim intellectuals in a secret manner, Rahul Gandhi was advised by them not to talk about the interests of Muslims but to think of the country’s interest.
Therefore, the unity of the country is neither Muslim nor Hindu. If anyone wants to dissolve the unity of a country, then it is the greed for the Congress party and through it the greediness of making Rahul Gandhi a Yen-Ken-Rukt Prime Minister.
The way in which the partition of Hindustan was due to the desire to become a leader of Pandit Nehru and Jinnah, becoming the chief of his divided countries, he has now been exposed by Shashi Tharoor in Trivandrum of Kerala.
It is notable that it was Shashi Tharoor who said that if the BJP ruled, the country would become a Hindu Pakistan. This is what fear Nehru has been creating.
Jinnah, born in a converted Hindu family to stand for Nehru’s equation, was born in the hearts of the Muslims.
It has been recalled to Shashi Tharoor and he invented Hindu Pakistan. It has been supported by former Vice President Hamid Ansari.
It is noteworthy that Jinnah’s photo was taken up at Aligarh University. They went to a program to revive that genre. Similarly, in the statement of Shashi Tharoor, Hamid Ansari has come forward for the first time to awaken the divisive jinn that has entered. The only leader in the country has expressed such desire that the country should become a Hindu Pakistan.
Rahul Gandhi is silent Their silence is also the reason. In the manner that Natwar Singh had said during the UPA regime, without even the wish of Sonia Gandhi, a leaf can not move, in the same way we can now say that Rahul Gandhi can not even move the leaf without Rahul Gandhi in Congress ie Shashi Tharoor has made a statement with the will.
In the UPA regime, the then Home Minister Shinde and P. Chidambaram composed the words of Hindu terror, saffron terriers.
This was propagated by Rahul Gandhi in America. On the occasion, in the presence of American leaders, he had said that the threat to India is not from the LeT, but emerging Hindu powers. By saying this, he made it clear that Muslims in India are scared.
This same sentiment was revealed by former Vice President Hamid Ansari shortly after his retirement. In order to create this fear, Hamid Ansari was later included in the program of PFI related to ISIS in Kerala.
It is enough to say this about PFI that it was done by PFI activist of Abhimanyu of SFI activist belonging to Congress in Kerala last week. This is the statement of the Kerala police and the government after the investigation has said. Not only Abhimanyu but the killing of other Hindu youth has been done by PFI, whether they belong to Congress or RSS.
Similar killings have also happened in Karnataka. In this crime, the Congress government at that time had arrested the activists of the PFI. But his release was also ordered during the assembly elections. The
In this way, we are seeing that the policy of Muslim appeasement which adopted the Congress before the partition of the country is still going on. For this reason, the entry of Jinnah’s genie has happened in Hamid Ansari.
Again, I would like to reveal the same truth in this editorial that neither Hindu society nor Muslim society is against the interests of the country. This is the reason why Muslim intellectuals tried to convince Rahul Gandhi not to speak of Muslims but to think about the interests of the whole country.
It means that even on this, the statement of PM Modi has been expressed by Muslim intellectuals that all development, development of all 125 crore Indians.
God Almighty Allah blesses you with all things.