The start of a not-for-my-name campaign such as Robert Vadra’s Jija Tahasin Punawalah started on the patronage of Pakistan, in the same way, the campaign of ‘Mein Urban Naxal’ has been started by Arundhati Roy and others by the so-called intellectuals.

It means that being called the Naxalite is going to be a matter of pride for some people. All these leaders are led by Congress President Rahul Gandhi at the behest of Sonia Gandhi. In this, the role of a special assistant is played by Manu Singhvi and Chidambaram and Salman Khurshid.

Salman Khurshid had said in the last week that the freedom of expression and freedom of expression in the presence of the leftist student leaders in the presence of the leaders who were engaged in freedom during the martyrdom of Afzal Guru in JNU; Were against the policy of liberalism.

Congress spokesman and Supreme Court advocate Manu Singhvi opened the doors of the Supreme Court in midnight against the arrest of the Arun Naxal (Marxist) supporters. He did not take such a step against Nirbhaya as a reporter who did the same.

P Chidambaram has now made a statement that ‘no matter as urban naxalism, they are leftist intellectuals’.

It is notable that it was Chidambaram who took over as Home Minister during the UPA regime, he said that the Naxalites are our first rank enemies. He said that we can finish whatever we can, whatever we can.

In truth, they are representing the Urban Naxalism at the UPA Government’s time.

One of the main propaganda of Urban Naxalism is the destruction of India’s glorious history, creating an environment in the entire country against Hinduism.

That is why Chidambaram said in Lucknow: The fact that poverty was always in India and it was promoted as a prosperous country was false. He said that giving education that India was prosperous 500 years ago and was a land of milk and honey, factually incorrect. There was poverty in India and it was. Yes, there was certainly a prosperous area somewhere.

He said that books that teach lessons of India’s glorious past should be burnt.

Carl Marcus also thought this: Calicut’s father, the age of Marcus, considered India to be a historically poor country. He claimed that India’s “golden period” is just an illusion. India has always been a country of poor and hungry. Not only that, Marcus had said that the British rulers did good by destroying India’s cottage industry and economy, so that India could be modernized.

From India, which has a symbolic glorious history of the saffron flag, it has the institutions and leaders who look after the interests of the Congress and other India. That is why all these people consider saffron as poison.

When Kamal Haasan returned from Tamil Nadu after coming to Tamilnadu with the mantra of Kerala Chief Minister Vijayan, Stalin, the newly elected president of the DMK, said today that he is against saffronisation.

While imitating the urban Naxalism, Rahul Gandhi tried to give a different religion to Lingayat for the distribution of Hindus in Karnataka.

As soon as Beni Hinn and Rambabu, Rahul Gandhi is trying to defame people by adopting a polychromatic form. Beni Hinn’s wife was a friend of Sonia Gandhi.

The second basis of Urban Naxalism is the propaganda against soldiers, and infiltration in the army:

On this basis, the leaders of the Left and the current Congress are misguiding against the Indian army. Sandeep Dikshit of Congress had even asked Army Chief Rawat to the roadside of the road. Congrats and party leaders also questioned Surgical Strike.

Ghulam Nabi Azad said till now that the operation of the Indian army in Kashmir is killing more civilians than the terrorists.

This proves that Congress leaders are the leaders of Urban Naxalism.

It is also necessary to discuss some of what is related to the Church of the Naxalism.

There are 4 wings of armed forces in the west: the army, the air force, the navy and the church.

On the arrest of Urban Naxalism, especially the anger is being shown by the Congress and the Left leaders across the country.

In response to this, Rahul Gandhi said that: In the new India, there is only one place for the NGO and its name is RSS. All other NGOs should be closed. Send all the workers to jail and shoot the complainant. Welcome to New India.

The reason behind revealing such kind of fury is that the hard work is being done by the current government on those who were anti-India activities which were anti-India activities with the help of western countries.

It has come to the notice that NGOs running anti-India activities are supported by Christian missionaries from Western countries.

It is often said that there are four wings of armed forces in the west: the army, the air force, the navy and the church.

Officials say that behind the sudden increase in urban Naxal activities, there has been foreign aid from church based missionaries. Due to this, Rahul Gandhi gave the above statement.

Amar Bhushan, former officer of Research and Analysis Wing says that funds have been stopped after action on NGOs. Missionaries, Naxalites and their urban allies have become desperate. Now they will look for all possible ways to break the country. Bhushan says, in my opinion, the urban Naxalite is the most dangerous.

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