The TDP’s no confidence motion has been approved. SP said no, but the government will lie to the lie. Sonia quote: Who says we do not have numbers? Some opposition parties released the whip.

BJP released Whip, Ananth Kumar said that the government has two-thirds majority.

Taking law into its own hands can not be said in any way. In the same way cheating the public by becoming a polymorphism can not be said in any way appropriate.

We are now seeing that many hypocritical monks have remained. Garuda wearing clothes and conspiring against Hindus. Many leaders can also join. They are doing this for vote bank politics but it also creates instability in the country.

It is being seen that some churches belonging to Christian missionaries have also been wearing garland cloth and promoting them against Hindus, especially the tribal society.

In addition to the North-East, Jharkhand, Bastar etc. are some of the areas which are tribal plurality. The task of provoking innocent people is trapped in the eyes of missionaries and foreign tactical leaders.

Swamy Agrush Garuda is a garmentsman. From most people’s point of view, they create anarchy against Hindus. It can not be said, unless it is true.

Perhaps copying him, the Congress spokesman made Rahul Gandhi a Jnanubeer. In protest against the unfair treatment done by some people by taking the law into the hands of Swami Agrahas, the Youth Congress was fiercely demonstrated in Ranchi.

We are unable to understand why the secularists, especially the Congress, have two faces?

There was a debate on issuing fatwa to Nida Khan, who opposed the three divorces. The debate had just escalated that Maulana Ejaz Arshad Qasmi started killing him on a comment by Ambar Zaidi calling him a deceitful woman.

It was unreasonable to raise hands on Swamy Agrovas. But even more fierce offense is to raise a Muslim lawyer on a woman by a maulana related to Muslim personal law.

In the case of Swamy Agravas by the Congress, they performed fiercely. Rahul Gandhi also expressed anguish over it but did not say a word on the Muslim lawyer who was beaten and beaten by the Maulvi.

It is clear that the advocate has gone to the Supreme Court against the woman’s three-divorce, halala etc. and today a court has given a judicial verdict in favor of the triple-divorced woman, and the order of the court will also suit her husband and father-in-law.

Now I think it is appropriate to discuss the words spoken in the beginning of the editorial.

Sonia Gandhi’s ego has been released in relation to the motion of no confidence. There are at least fifty members in the Lok Sabha for the opposition party, so the non-commissioned party is saying that she has numbers.

Congress is not in the majority, then it has grabbed the weakness of democracy and has been governing the party leader with some members as the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister, and has been ruled by the back door and is doing it in Karnataka too.

Karnataka Chief Minister Kumar Swamy has harassed the Congress in such a way that tears have been published in his eyes so it has been published in the media.

But Congress is a Muslim party. It has been accepted by Rahul Gandhi himself in an Urdu newspaper. There should be no dispute on this because Sonia Gandhi proved it even after tears at the time of the Batala House Encounter.

Pandit Nehru also proved that he is a Hindu, otherwise he is a Muslim with education and culture.

Firoz Khan’s grandson Rahul Gandhi may never have the name of his grandfather, nor has the Nehru-Gandhi family ever offered flowers at his mazar.

Regardless of this, Sonia Gandhi’s say that she has a number. That means they can support some opposition parties. In Karnataka, the tears of fellow Chief Minister Kumar Swamy surely are reminded of the days when the Congress betrayed Chandrashekhar, Devgowda, Ikkumar Gujral in the notorious opportunistic alliances and insulted respectable Congress leaders like Sita Ram Kesari and Narasimha Rao. It was not that they belong to the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Every coalition of Congress is a continuous documentary flow of betrayal and deceit by the public.

It is clear from now that in the Lok Sabha which is a mathematics, there are about 300 NDA members. It is possible that some opposition members also vote against the motion of no confidence. That is, the ego of Congress is that it has number