The Congress, with the RSS Phobia, has vowed in its manifesto in Madhya Pradesh that if it is not done then it will ban the RSS’s branches if it comes to power.
It is noteworthy that for the protection of all the anti-national forces, the Congress considers its religion to defend themselves.
The SIMI was banned in the NDA regime. At that time, on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi, Salman Khurshid had lobbied for the ban on the court.
Hamid Ansari, who was made Vice President by Congress, Ansari is addressing the ISI’s PFI organization program, related to ISIS. This same PFI provided financial assistance to Rahul Gandhi’s guardian Jigrash during the assembly elections.
Violent action was taken by the youth of this PFI in Karnataka against Hindu organizations. In this crime they were locked in jail. At the time of the last assembly elections, the conspiracy to take him out of the jail was done by the Congress government of Karnataka at the time.
Take the example of the recent case, if the action taken by the Modi government on the urban Maoists, the Supreme Court’s advocate Abhishek Singhvi, on the directive of Rahul Gandhi, had reached the Supreme Court to lodge their plea.
Most parts of the country, especially Bastar, are affected by Naxal violence. Despite the greed of its votes, Congress’s star campaigner Raj Babbar, who came to Chhattisgarh, called the Maoists as the revolutionary.
Afzal Guru martyrdom day was organized in JNU under the leadership of Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid. In his presence, there were slogans of freedom. Rahul Gandhi reached JNU to patrol his back. Even Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid are being prosecuted for sedition, despite this they have got the protection of the Congress.
Now if the Congress discusses banning union branches in Manophasta of Madhya Pradesh, we will have to go to Rahul Gandhi’s maternal grandfather Stefano Mano. Staphano Mano was involved in Hitler & # 39; s military organization Mussolini. In this crime he was kept in a Russian jail for two-three years. Rahul Gandhi is impressed by his maternal grandparents.
Now, if Pandit Nehru was also discussed, then we have to remember that Defense Minister Kamrade Krishna Menon was in his Cabinet. Because of these, in 1962, China had grabbed the large portion of India’s Himalayan terai.
Due to this, Pandit Nehru remembered the patriotic organization National Self Service Association in 1963 and he had challenged the union volunteers in the parade of Republic Day. It is worth noting that Pandit Nehru had banned the Sangh in 1948. Which had to be removed from his government later.
After this, if Indira Gandhi was to discuss, then she was in control of her keichan cabinet with the communists.
Rajiv Gandhi’s bodyguard was then a security guard trained by KGB of Russia.
The Congress quartet of this country’s anti-national background is: Digvijay Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia Madhya Pradesh’s Congress manifesto is written by him.
In the case of Digvijay Singh it is enough to say that he had told the RSS in the 26/11 Mumbai blasts.
In regards to Kamal Nath it is sufficient to say that he had some hand in the 1984 Sikh riots, it is a relief to him. That is why during the Punjab assembly elections when he was made incharge of election, he had to withdraw from that responsibility when the opposition came.
Jyotiraditya Scindia should remember that in the expansion of the Sangh and Jan Sangh (now the BJP), his grandmother Rajmata Scindia has special cooperation.
Congress alleges that RSS is a subsidiary of BJP. Fearing this fear, he is dreaming of banning him.
Rahul Gandhi and his Congress should understand that if the line is not shortened and its parallel second line is big enough then it will be appropriate. He strengthened the Congress organization’s congressional institution, Congress Seva Dal and it would be appropriate to think of the country. The institutions that do for the activities of separatist violence should stop giving protection and stop dream of obstructing the organization of organizations working in the national interest.