Congress gossip, said by RSS chief’s statement: “Bhagwat opened the eyes of the public. The public eye is open but Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders need to open their eayes.
Mohan Bhagwat ji appreciated the contribution of the Congress party for the country’s independence. This is not the first time that the Sangh has praised the good works of any political leader or party. Prior to this, the Sangh of Rajiv Gandhi’s good efforts has appreciated.
To understand the Sangh, from Gandhi to the former president, Pranab Mukherjee, it is necessary for those who criticize the Sutkam Sangha, the union of the Sangha program, which has understood the union.
I was studying in the second grade only since then the RSS volunteer. In 1959, in the training camp of the Sangh in Nagpur, I got the privilege of joining the Sangh and being organized as a volunteer of Raipur.
In the program of Sangha, I am giving some examples in brief about how the rites are received by going to the branch.
MA Golwalkar used to practice in the Sangh training camp in Nagpur. Golwalkar ji (Guruji) kept the beards themselves and the hair was too long. As far as I remember, he did this because he was a guru who had told Golwalkar ji to be employed in the service of the society but he also said that he likes Golwalkar’s hair and beard, they keep it the same way. .
Why did a volunteer participating in the training camp see without shaving, he used to point out a finger and smile, why?
In the same way, they used to explain in the gesture when the belt was not polished in shoes or shoes.
Even if a self-serviceman used to hang his vest in a wrong way, he used to tell him not to do so.
The service of serving food was also used by the servant himself alternately. If a self-serving servant used to keep his hand on his nose, then he himself would have used to say the name of his servant and why did he do so?
In this way, small things are done by themselves, the servants themselves are trained.
That is why a simple self-serving servant like me can say today that whatever goodness in me is from staying in the environment of the Sangh and whatever evils or errors it is from the external environment.
Here’s another point I would like to mention. One time the officers of a union were sitting with Dr. Hedgewar Ji, the founder of the Sangh. Dr. Saheb told the officer that they are going to be seen in front of the two boys who are going in front of themselves, call them.
The officer wondered, wondering how Dr. Sahib is a volunteer.
Dr. Saheb said that you call him, he thinks he is a volunteer. When those boys were called, they were actually volunteers.
Therefore, the volunteers who are involved will tell their identity through their activities wherever they will remain anywhere.
Hence, the leaders of various sections of the society and the opposition leaders, who are willing to understand the ideology of the Sangh in the three-day Lecture program of ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’, ‘The Future of India’, were also invited.
On the last day of the program, 215 questions have been received by more than 200 attendees and his reply has been given by the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, trying to explain the ideas of the Sangha.
Detailed description of this is given separately here.